(Ancient Greek Αθηνά) is the goddess of wisdom, warfare, and crafts. Unlike Ares, she is the disciplined side of war. She has many demigod children. Like her, Athena's children are born from her thoughts. Her father is Zeus and her mother is Metis, the Oceanid Titan of Wisdom. Her synchrynistic Roman counterpart is Minerva. She and Poseidon were often competitors.


Athena sprung fully-grown from Zeus' head, already armored in her full panoply of war. Before Metis conceived Athena, Zeus received a prophecy that warned Metis would bear two children: a very wise daughter (Athena), and a son that would eventually overthrow Zeus, much like Zeus had overthrown his own father Kronos. Before this could happen Zeus turned Metis into a fly and swallowed her. Days later, Zeus had a terrible headache. He asked Hephaestus to split his head open with an axe, and out came an adult Athena with the arms and armor her mother had made for her while within Zeus. Athena quickly became his favorite daughter. In Greek mythology she was one of the most active goddesses. She assisted Odysseus in his journey home from the Sea of Monsters, and aided the Greeks during the Trojan War. She also helped the heroes Heracles, Jason and Perseus. Like Artemis and Hestia she is one of the virgin goddesses.

Rivalry with ArachneEdit

The mortal Arachne challenged Athena to see who could make the best tapestry. According to the most famous version of the tale, as related in Ovid's Metamorphoses - a catalogue of godly deeds and tales - Athena accepted the challenge. As the creator of weaving, she expected to win. Athena's tapestry contained four images, each showing the gods punishing mortals for daring to set themselves higher than the Olympians. Arachne wove images of the gods, especially Zeus, tricking and deceiving mortal women into bearing his children. Athena was furious, both that the tapestry insulted her father and that it was of a higher quality than her own. Arachne, ashamed and punished by Athena, took her own life.

Rivalry with Poseidon. For many eons, Athena and Poseidon have had rivalry between them. The two competed to become patron of the city Athens (the modern capitol of Greece, located in the region of Attica). The gods each created a gift for the newly constructed city. Poseidon created a great spring of water (other versions of the myth say he created the horse), while Athena, gave them an olive tree. The Athenians prefered the gift of the olive tree, a symbol of peace and prosperity. Preferring it to the great naval power promised by Poseidon's symbolic gift, the newly constructed city was named after Athena. Further, the Athenians built the Parthenon temple as a sign of worship and respect to the new patron of their city. This made Posiedon very angry. Athena also caught Poseidon together with the beautiful maiden Medusa in her temple. Furious at Poseidon for disturbing the sanctity of her temple, she transformed Medusa into a Gorgon, a snake-haired monster. Poseidon soon found new concubines. Medusa's sister's were also transformed into Gorgons by Athena for helping Medusa. Athena, after helping the Greeks defeat the Trojan army and burn the the city to ashes, acted as an aid to Odysseus on his quest for home. Poseidon, while agreeing to not to kill Odysseus as he had Odysseus' army and crew, delayed him in returning home. The lengthy Trojan war, known as the Illiad, followed by the equally long Odyssey took wise Odysseus away from his home in Ithaca, his wife, and his son for twenty years. Edit


Athena is a very disciplined goddess, wise and quick thinking. She is a good tactician and always takes precautions before acting. She blessed both Daedalus and his young nephew Perdix. She later punishes Daedelus for killing Perdix.

Athena is also usually kind to other demigods. She often aids heroes on their quests, even helping Percy at one point while he was in Hoover Dam.

Athena is somewhat cold and calculating at times. Athena is also known for never giving up, and crossing her is a mistake. When Paris picked Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess instead of her, Athena took the side of the Greeks in the Trojan War and used every power within her to bring him down. She then aided the Greeks in sacking the town and taking the Trojan women as their captives.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Athena has curly brown hair and intense gray eyes. As she is a goddess, she can turn to any form. She is said to be beautiful and lean. She wears an elegant white dress. It is said Annabeth looks a lot like her mother, and has the same cold stare. In some myths she is associated with an owl.



She possesses the standard powers of a god. As the goddess of wisdom and war, she is an expert in all forms and weapons of warfare and has all the skills of Metis. She is a more skilled tactician than Ares and prefers thinking to fighting, and uses violence only as a last resort. As the goddess of wisdom she is the chief adviser of Zeus.

As Zeus' most trusted daughter, she is the only one besides himself who wields the Aegis, a powerful item that greatly protects the carrier.


Athena's children are born from her mind. When she falls in love with a man, their joined minds are what causes this. Athena calls this 'the purest kind of love' and is a virgin, and has sworn to remain one.

The children of Athena are wise and studious. Most of them have a love for architecture. The demigods are predisposed to war, and think faster than others in battle. They are natural tacticians, and always remain calm when the situation is threatening.


  • Annabeth Chase
  • Daedalus a.k.a Quintus (deceased)
  • Erictonius
  • George Washington
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Frederic Bartholdi
  • your mum<< no
  • Albert Einstein

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