(or Iapetos) is the brother of Kronos and by Clymene he is the father of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoetius, who was slain by Zeus in the war against the Titans. His name means "The Piercer", because that's what he likes to do to his enemies. Iapetus was the former ruler of the Underworld, and was cast into Tartarus after the war, along with his brothers. He and three of his brothers were posted at the four corners of the world (Iapetus in the West) where they seized hold of the Sky-god and held him fast, while Kronos, hidden in the center, castrated him with a sickle. Iapetus position as a pillar of the West was later taken up by his son Altas. Being the Titan of Mortal-Life (or rather the mortal life span) his sons Prometheus and Epimetheus were represented as the creators of mankind and other mortal creatures. His last son Menoetius was the Titan of Rash Action.

The sons of Iapetus were also described as possessing some of the worst of human traits:mostly on an intellectual level, Prometheus is overly sly and crafty, Epimetheus a guileless fool, Atlas overly daring, and arrogant Menoetius prone to rash and violent actions. Their natural traits led each to their downfall. Iapetus and his family were regarded as the ancestors of mankind, a race which inherited the worst qualities of these four sons: crafty scheming, foolish stupidity, excessive daring, and rash violence.

Second Titan WarEdit

He battled Percy Jackson, and Percy grabs Iapetus with the little remaining strength he had in his injured arm and pulled himself and Iapetus in the River Lethe, which makes you forget everything about yourself. When Iapetus came out, Percy convinced him that his name is "Bob" and that they are good friends. 'Bob' noticed Percy's wound from the Keres (daimones) and healed it with a touch.

Iapetus is later said to be given a job in the Underworld, for the good of the Olympians this time.


Iapetus, has gray hair that stick up in every direction, a scraggly beard, pure silver eyes, and is very thin and haggard.

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