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A very effective combat shield.


A hexigonal shaped shield with 6 sharp points around the edge. The shield is made of stygium, it is then covered in celestial bronze. The points are made of pure celestial bronze.

Modle 1[]

The first variant it more dimond shaped and the straps are places to go right up the middle the long way. Making this variant not very good at defending against missle fire.

Modle 2[]

The second variant is about the size of a hoplon and has the straps in middle but are more like the hoplon. This makes the variant better for defending.


  1. The first modle is very good in melee combat. smashing, stabbing and slashing with its sharp points is very effectize in combat.
  2. The second modle is better for defence but has the same offence abilites as the first modle


Two nights after the murder of his wife, the creator of GAO(Warboss95) prayed to her spirit. After a few moments he realized he was wearing his shield, he was practicing earlier and in mid-swing broke down and prayed. He then looked at his shield and said that this is my connection to her. For no other reason that his shield protechs his heart and is a warrior's most important piece of gear.

His shield is oval in shape and has 8 points around the rim. A few slight ajustments to the modle created the Jordan Combat Shield. Which is named after his wife.